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Built By A Parkinson’s Sufferer, MyHealthPal Tracks Symptoms, Creates Research Data

 The development and availability of wearables is running hand in hand with the exploding interest in the digital health space. Managing our health via apps and devices is slowly becoming the norm. And patients that need to monitor their condition… Continue reading

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Secret Is Working On New Apps, Won’t Shut Down Original Product

Secrets Secret Inc. — makers of the”anonymish” app Secret, which lets users post notes to friends, friends-of-friends, or those in their vicinity without revealing their identities — crashed through the highs and lows of startup life in the last year, generating a lot of interest and notoriety for its gossipy, eponymous app, and then almost as quickly disappearing off the… Read More Continue reading

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CloudSolar Helps Renewable Energy Fans Who Can’t Install Their Own Solar Panels

 Solar panels are becoming increasing affordable, but many people still face barriers to harnessing the power of the sun for their own homes. For example, they might live in an apartment or in a house where the roof is angled or structured imprope… Continue reading

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Reach Your Customers Through The Subconscious

 Consider a scene that happens a billion times a day, at a billion computers across the globe. A man is searching online for new running shoes, or a woman is clicking through e-commerce sites on the hunt for a birthday gift, a new dress or a book … Continue reading

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YouTube Is Experimenting With Ultra High Def, Ultra Smooth Video Playback — Here Are The Examples

60f Just a few months back, YouTube bumped up the quality of the videos it hosts by allowing for gorgeous, 60 FPS video playback.
Now they’re cranking things up to an almost absurd level. 60 FPS video, on YouTube… at 4K. Read More Continue reading

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Beyond The Maquiladora: A Look At Mexico’s Startup Scene

6943232926_fb31dbd6da_o If Mexico is indeed in the process of building the world’s next great economy, technology and innovation will be a part of its foundation. Read More Continue reading

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Facebook Launches 3 New Open-Source Tools For Android Developers

safe_image (1) Most of Facebook’s announcements at its F8 developer conference this week were iOS-centric, but today, the company also released three new open source tools for Android developers. The first is a performance segmentation library called Year Class that is meant to help developers quickly figure out what kind of device a user is running. Thanks to this, a developer can quickly tune an app… Read More Continue reading

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Sources: Magic Is Raising $12M From Sequoia At A $40M Valuation

magic Magic, an SMS-based on-demand delivery service that started as a YC company’s weekend project, is raising $12 million in Series A funding led by Sequoia, according to sources. Sources also say that the company, which is just a month old, is valued at $40 million pre-money.
Magic lets users text a single number to get anything* delivered on demand. For an extra fee, of course. Read More Continue reading

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Fantasical 2 Makes Your Cal Fantastic-er

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 5.02.00 PM Fanatical Fantastical users rejoice! The app, which makes adding appointments to your calendar as easy as clicking a button on top of your Mac menu bar and typing “Eat pork with Alex at 5pm on Wednesday,” has completely revamped its scheduling system and now supports complex requests (“Eat pork with Alex every Tuesday”) and reminders (“Remind me to eat pork with… Read More Continue reading

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Internet Of Things Accelerator Seamless Opens Doors In Michigan

IMG_1491 The West Coast of Michigan is a haven for industrial designers and is home to the world’s most iconic furniture manufacturers: Steelcase and Herman Miller. That’s because Michigan builds things. Soon there will be a new accelerator that will help young companies do just that. The accelerator program, called Seamless, targets early-stage hardware companies and gives them access… Read More Continue reading

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