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Federal Court Shuts Down Aereo’s Attempt At A Comeback

aereo-legal-shutterstock_146447432 In an eleventh hour attempt to save its business following the Supreme Court’s ruling that it was illegal, Aereo changed its tune and claimed to be a cable provider in a court filing last month. But the Second Circuit Court Of Appeals isn’t hearing it. The Washington Post reported Thursday that the court denied the company’s request to reconsider the case, classifying… Read More Continue reading

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There Is One New Book On Amazon Every Five Minutes

books_on_a_table In an interesting post, writer Claude Nougat estimated the total number of books on Amazon – about 3.4 million at last count (a number that could include apps as well) and then figured out how many books were added in a day. Nougat noticed that the number rose by 12 books in an hour, which suggests that one new book is added every five minutes. And, most likely, it’s probably an… Read More Continue reading

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Movie Theaters May Be Getting More Interactive, Thanks To Audience Entertainment’s SDK

audience entertainment You may soon be doing more twisting, turning, and jumping around when you go to the movies, if startup Audience Entertainment succeeds in launching a new type of in-theater interactivity. The company’s technology basically allows audiences to play together, usually as part of an ad campaign. Imagine standing up with everyone else in the room, then waving your arms left and right in unison… Read More Continue reading

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Unscaling The Trillion-Dollar Power Industry

shutterstock_103274513 Throughout the history of the power industry, the answer to all of our problems has been to “get bigger”. Due to economies of scale, utilities have concentrated on building larger and larger power plants to increase efficiency and improve profitability. That’s why we still receive the vast majority of our power the way we have for decades — from massive plants based… Read More Continue reading

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PonoMusic Raises More Than $6M In Equity Crowdfunding In One Week

ponoplayer Neil Young’s startup PonoMusic became the fourth-most funded project on Kickstarter back in April, when it raised $6.2 million on a goal of $800,000.
The project now has raked in an additional $6 million in equity funding from a Crowdfunder campaign. Read More Continue reading

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This Robot Butler Tried To Get Me Drunk

 The merry TechCrunch band took a trip to Cupertino this week to kick it with a small robot called Botlr made by robotics startup Savioke.
The little android, outfitted with a fancy collar and racing stripes, brings small items from the front desk… Continue reading

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Salesforce Beats In Its Fiscal Q2 With Revenue Of $1.32B, EPS OF $0.13

screen-shot-2014-05-20-at-1-39-07-pm After the bell, Salesforce reported its fiscal second quarter financial results, including revenue of $1.32 billion and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.13. The company beat estimates in the fiscal 2015 quarter, as investors had expected it to earn $0.12 per share — excluding certain costs — on revenue of $1.29 billion. In its sequentially preceding quarter, Salesforce’s… Read More Continue reading

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Product Hunt Briefly Banned From Reddit, Reinstated

reddit-dont-tek-no1 Product Hunt, the YC-backed social network for sharing links to interesting new startups and apps via a Reddit-like interface, has been banned from Reddit. We first got wind that links to Product Hunt could no longer be submitted to Reddit from a comment on a video published to YouTube by Google Ventures announcing that the search giant’s investment wing invested in Product… Read More Continue reading

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Facebook Rolls Out Analytics For App Links

applinks Today, Facebook is rolling out analytics for App Links, its initiative to make it easier for developers to link to specific content in partnership with Parse (which it purchased last year) and Mixpanel. The data available is still rather simple, but it’s a first step to convincing developers that they should use it to send traffic between apps. Read More Continue reading

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Restaurant Discovery Service Zomato Eats Its Way Into Central And Eastern Europe With Two Acquisitions

Zomato_App1_hi-res-L Zomato, the restaurant search and discovery service that’s raised a whopping $55 million in VC, is adding a presence in Central and Eastern Europe by means of two local acquisitions. Read More Continue reading

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