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Moscase Is Like Batman’s Utility Belt For Your iPhone

 The average phone case is basically a piece of plastic that protects your device when you drop it. But what if you could add modular features to your iPhone like a heart rate monitor, a grappling hook, or a backup battery? Now you can. Moscase co… Continue reading

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On The War On General Purpose Computing

this-war-of-mine The powers that be want to control your phones and your drones. And who can blame them? It was inevitable. Of course they’re upset that smartphones are making it hard to catch speeders. Of course manufacturers are hurrying to ensure that drones refuse to fly to certain locations, before they’re forced to do so by law. Those are the instruments of power in today’s and… Read More Continue reading

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How The Facebook Bubble Is Driving Online Startups Into The Arms Of Offline Advertising

bubble-popping Facebook advertising played a big part in my startup’s rapid growth. So big in fact that in our first two years of operations, all other online advertising platforms combined did not provide as big a growth contribution to the business as Facebook singlehandedly did. And yet, over the past nine months, I’ve been making every effort possible to divert our 8-figure annual… Read More Continue reading

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This DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop Is Perfect For Your Weekend Machinations

FCEWBW8I88LMAIC.MEDIUM My favorite DIY projects are ones that an idiot like myself can do in a few days. To wit, this Raspberry Pi laptop that lets you create a portable computer with keyboard and mouse with only a few parts.
The project uses the PiJuice battery module and a 5-inch TFT module. In this project you simply cut or print a case for the screen – this one uses laser cut wood – and an HDMI cable. Read More Continue reading

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Ad Startup FameBit’s Long Tail Of Creators Grows To More Than 9K YouTubers

famebit We hear more and more about the big stars of YouTube, but what about the creators who haven’t quite reached superstar status? Well, if they’re looking to connect with advertisers, startup FameBit aims to help. Co-founder and CEO David Kierzkowski told me that most multi-channel networks — which help YouTube content creators build a business around their videos — are… Read More Continue reading

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15 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

TC-weekly-roundup This week’s tech headlines saw Etsy’s IPO, the Falcon 9 rocket launch, and an abundance of funding news. These are our best stories of the week (4/11-17). Read More Continue reading

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Disney’s New 3D Printer Prototype Makes Huggable Things Out Of Fabric Instead Of Hard Plastic

fb We’ve seen lots and lots of 3D printers over the last few years, and they almost all have one thing in common: the objects they print are hard* and mostly rigid.
What if you wanted to print something soft, instead? Something you can hug, or snuggle with, or hand to your kid without fear of them jabbing it in their eye?
Disney is on it. Read More Continue reading

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The Promise Of Invisibles

 Flight or invisibility? The age-old question about which superpower one would choose unveils a preference for either showboating or stealth. When the same lens is applied to wearable technology, the question becomes rhetorical. We do not want to … Continue reading

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Taplet Lets You Pull HD Photos From Any Video With A Single Tap

Screenshot 2015-04-17 16.54.22 The iPhone has offered the ability to take photos at the same time as you record video, but capturing photos from video that has already been captured isn’t quite so straightforward. Taplet aims to solve that. Read More Continue reading

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A Conversation With DemocracyOS, The YC Non-Profit That Built A Latin American Political Party

democracyos One of the stranger things that Y Combinator has supported — among the many more interesting things they’ve started to back like prosthetic legs, macrobiotic research and Uber-for-marijuana startups — is a non-profit that built an entire political party in Buenos Aires, Argentina. DemocracyOS is a software platform that allows regular voters to debate and forward policy ideas.… Read More Continue reading

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