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Come And Get Your Net Neutrality Hot Takes

FCC commissioners It is hot take season today on the net neutrality front, and TechCrunch would be remiss if we didn’t bring you the best, worst, banal, and asinine of the virulent anger and relieved happiness that is currently bouncing around the nation. What we’ve done is put our ears to several groaning inboxes, and have selected a number of letters, responses, quotes, and oral comments from the… Read More Continue reading

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Source: Wearable Maker Fitbit Is In Talks To Buy Fitness App Startup FitStar

fitbit-fitstar For the last several years, Fitbit has created hardware and software designed to help consumers keep track of their activity levels. But we’ve heard the wearable maker could soon acquire FitStar, a startup which makes apps that might help motivate Fitbit customers to actually be more active. Read More Continue reading

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Who Wins The Battle of The Disrupted Tech Giants: HP Or IBM?

Two big football players wrestling for position. It’s been a rough several years for the once-mighty technology behemoths, HP and IBM, and while each has the cash and resources to chug along for years to come, both companies have struggled to find a foothold in a fast-changing market. HP once represented the archetypal Silicon Valley company, a pillar of the computer world, a place where a teenage Steve Jobs worked one summer and cut… Read More Continue reading

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House Republicans Threaten To Curb The FCC’s “Ability To Regulate The Internet”

fcc Following a landmark vote to put in place strict net neutrality regulations, a group of 21 Republican House members sent a nastygram to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, upbraiding him from policy to procedure, and threatening more than just words. The GOP coterie, after repeating prior complaints, said the following: Finally, to the extent that a public record supports further action, we will… Read More Continue reading

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Postponing IPOs Can Deliver Information Advantage

island It’s taking longer for startups to get to IPO, but that’s not necessarily bad news for investors in private companies. Why? Because startups today aren’t just valuable for their future exit potential, but for the proprietary data they produce while still private. Read More Continue reading

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Google Expands Its Safe Browsing Service To Warn More Users And Webmasters Of Malware

mp2xy337QU Earlier this week, Google announced that it has expanded its Safe Browsing service, which prevents users from going to known malware sites. Chrome, for example, now shows you a warning before you visit a site that harbors known malware (instead of just popping up a warning when you are about to download it). Similarly, Google Search will now pop up a warning when you’re about to go to… Read More Continue reading

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Apple Brings Web-Based Pages, Numbers And Keynote Beyond The iCloud Beta

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.08.48 PM Apple has added the web-based iWork, which works for anyone with an Apple ID for free on most modern browsers, to the main website. The previously beta-only iCloud offering makes Apple’s productivity suite accessible to anyone who either has, or signs up for a free Apple account, with full-featured office apps that allow for the creation and editing of text documents,… Read More Continue reading

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Study: Most People Won’t Stop Online Bullies

Bullying The Bullies Image In 1964 a woman named Kitty Genovese was stabbed and left for dead in Kew Gardens, Queens. She screamed for help over a half hour while bystanders and apartment-dwellers above apparently ignored her pleas. Her assailant had time to disguise himself during the attack. She died of her injuries, and experts at the time called the failure of bystanders to act “Genovese Syndrome.” While… Read More Continue reading

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Pebble Launches A Preview SDK With Color Support For The New Pebble Time

Pebble_Watch_3Up The Pebble Time is still going strong on Kickstarter, but Pebble is already thinking about the device’s launch in May, and is accordingly making tools available early to help both existing and new developers target the platform. A new developer preview of the Pebble SDK 3.0 is now available, and it includes a software emulator that shows you how your apps will look on the Pebble… Read More Continue reading

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It’s Well Past Time VCs Hired HR Directors

 Those following the Pao/KPCB saga in court yesterday were treated to the testimony of Trae Vassallo, a former Kleiner partner, who claimed on the witness stand that she too was uncomfortably propositioned by Ajit Nazre. Nazre was the Kleiner part… Continue reading

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