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We Love Everything About WordPress … Except the Capital “P”

Here at Nebraska Digital, we’re totally and wholeheartedly committed to WordPress.

Except the capital “P.”

As far as we’re concerned, WordPress is  the most amazing open source software to come along in recent years.

But one of the reasons it’s so great is that the open source community that rabidly adopted it has avoid silly, petty distracting little controversies.

Until now.

Matt Mullenweg, the driving force behind the software, wants the P in WordPress capitalized. So much so in fact that he’s  had the latest 3.0 version setup to autocorrect “Word(lowercase p) ress” to “WordPress.”

You can read more about this earth-shattering controversy here. In short, it’s ticked off a bunch of the WP community because the change can break case sensitive links and, well, the open source crowd doesn’t like Matt mandating how to spell anything.

Our take? It was a dumb thing to do, but if Matt is that passionate about it, we can try to humor him. After all, he’s done a lot more for most of us than we’ll likely ever do for him.

But the amazing is that this silly little spat has captivated tons of normally sane and rational people like nothing else. I can just see this open source project forking into two projects: WordPress and WordPress.  How confusing would that be? Plugins might be WordPress compatible, WordPress compatible or both.

And WordPress, er WordPress controversy aside, the former editor in me is screaming for all of these cute capitalization games to come to an end.  One favorite Lincoln downtown booster organization recently changed its name from Updowntowners to “GOlincolnGO” or “GO!” on second reference.

When does it end?  Should we change our name to NeBraSkaDiGiTaL?

Actually, savvy readers will notice in the footer that Nebraska Digital is actually a service mark of our real company.

You guessed it: PIQmedia, LLC.

But that’s just because everybody was pronouncing it Pigmedia and we wanted to make the tail in the “Q” stand out.

And I guess my sensitivity there has less to do with the bastardization of the English language and a lot more to do with the time I spend behind the keyboard instead of at the gym.

Peace WordPress lovers. And “peace” to Matt MullenWeg :-)


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